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Challenger CL10V3-3-QC Versymmetric® Plus, 3' Column Extension, Quick Cycle Two Post Vehicle Lift 10,000 lb

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Challenger Lifts CL10V3-3-QC Versymmetric 10,000 Lbs Two Post Lift W/ 3' Extensions And Quick Cycle


CL10series Versymmetric 2-Post Lifts feature a 2 Lifts in One Design to that provides the flexibility to lift vehicles asymmetrically or symmetrically within the same service bay. Other standard features of the Challenger CL10V3 2 Post Car Lift includes space saving column base plates with clear floor design, overhead cable equalization system, timesaving single-point or dual single-point mechanical lock release system, padded overhead shutoff bar and round double telescoping screw pads. Available in three Versymmetric® Productivity Configurations: Complete Productivity, Maximum Productivity and Max Plus Productivity.


  • Versymmetric Plus 2-post lift w/ Conventional Power Controls, offset 3-stage front + 3-stage rear arms & single-point mechanical lock release w/ 3' column extensions (14' 8" ht. at full stroke) with Quick Cycle™ increasing rise (27 sec) and descent speed (approx. 17 sec)


  • Industry first two post auto lift with Versymmetric® Plus offset 3-stage front arms + 3-stage rear arms
  • Maximum arm sweep, reach and retraction meets the widest range of recommended lifting points
  • Offset front arm provides single sweep spotting - no rolling vehicles back and forth to swing front arm clear of front tire
  • Single push button powers lift up
  • Two handed lowering operation -single point mechanical lock release / release valve
  • Single point mechanical lock release system disengages both column locks simultaneously




Lift Capacity*

10,000 lbs. (4535kg)
A Rise Height1
74-1/8" (1908mm)
B Column Height
11' 8"
13' 8"
14' 8"
C Cylinder Overall
(Full Stroke)
11' 11" (3632mm)
D Adjustable Width Overall
11' 6-1/2" / 11' 11"
(3518mm / 3632mm)
E Drive-Thru Clearance2
100-1/2" / 105"
(2553mm / 2667mm)
F Floor to Overhead Switch2
11' 2-1/2"
13' 2-1/2"
14' 2-1/2"
G Front Arm Reach (Min/Max)
Min. 19-13/16" / Max. 42"
(956mm / 1524mm)
H Rear Arm Reach (Min/Max)
Min. 37-5/8" / Max. 60"
(956mm / 1524mm)
I Screw Pad Height3
Min. 3-7/8" / Max. 6-1/2"
(98mm / 161mm)
J Inside Columns2
110" / 114-1/2"
(2794mm / 2908mm)
K Low Lock Height
12" (305mm)
208v - 230v (Single Phase Standard)4
Speed of Rise
27 seconds
Max. Load per Arm
2,500 lbs. (1134kg)
Ceiling Height Required
13' 9"
14' 9"

*Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.  1 Rise Height is measured with adjustable screw pads in highest position.  2 Specifications are listed with lift at maximum width and/or height settings.  3 Specifications are listed without rubber pad, for measurements with rubber pad add 1/4" (6mm).  4 Optional 3 phase electrical also available (Not available for Quick Cycle models). Specify at time of order.  Standard lift colors are Red and Blue. Optional colors available.
Optional frame engaging adapters (10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction.


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