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Atlas LR-10P Low Rise Portable Scissor Lift

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The Atlas LR-10P portable 10,000 lb. low rise lift is the perfect addition to any garage that needs a quick sure fire method to raise a car, SUV, or pick-up truck high enough to perform wheel service. The Atlas LR-10P low rise lift comes with a rubber top lifting surface and a set of four high density rubber blocks that help to protect the lifting points of most vehicles.

Multiple lock positions and a unique self actuating lock bar allow the operator to perform wheel service at a comfortable working height.

Simply drive the car over the Atlas LR-10P and position the rubber blocks (if needed) under the correct lifting points of the vehicle. Press the button on the unit and lift the vehicle to the desired work height. Depress the "dump valve lever" on the power unit and the lift lowers slightly to the next lower mechanical lock position.

This durable lift is built on a heavy steel frame that provides rock solid support for a lifting base. The dual cylinders deliver enough power to lift a 10,000 lb. vehicle. The Atlas LR-10P can also be easily moved inside the garage or to an outside concrete apron in front of a bay. The standard wheel kit and the power unit stand work together to allow the operator to roll the Atlas LR-06P portable low-rise lift across any concrete surface. This lift operates on 110 volt (single phase) electricity.

The low profile design accommodates most low frame vehicles.

The best way to position any vehicle on a scissor lift (with horizontal cylinders) is to allow some space (2-6 inches) between the lifting surface of the lift and vehicle’s lifting points.



  • 10,000 lb. Capacity
  • Portable
  • Minimum Height: 4"
  • Maximum Height (With Blocks): 25 1/2"
  • Three locking positions at heights of: (w/o rubber blocks) 12 1/4", 18 1/2", and 22 1/4"
  • 110V Power Unit
  • CE Tested and Approved


  • Capacity: 10,000LB.
  • Maximum Lifting Height With Blocks: 25 1/2"
  • Maximum Lifting Height Without Blocks: 24"
  • Locking Position Heights (w/o rubber blocks): 12 1/4", 18 1/2", and 22 1/4"
  • Overall Pad Length: 53 1/4"
  • Overall Width: 70"
  • Overall Length: 76"
  • Lowered Height: 4"
  • Motor: 110V
  • Oil Requirement: 1.5 Gallons AW32/AW46
  • Shipping Dimensions: 23" x 72" x 83"
  • Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs


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