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Dannmar D-7 7000 Lbs. Four-Post Car Lift Complete Kit

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DAN D-7 Kit
Special Price $3,199.00 Regular Price $3,499.00

The lift includes a 3 year warranty The Dannmar D-7 Complete Kit has everything you liked about the D-7 , with additional parts at a highly discounted price. The car lift kit is comprised of a mobile caster kit, EZ-Slide™ jack platform, and polypropylene drip trays. The caster kit is included to give you the option of making your 4 post lift mobile. It includes four pieces; each is built with 6 inches of steel and includes a wheel for mobility. This caster kit resales by itself for $549.99. An EZ-Slide™ jack platform is included in the D-7 car lift kit. It’s EZ-Slide™ technology relies on precision grooves which allow the jack to be placed anywhere under a vehicle. This 30.2 lb. jack has a maximum weight capacity of 3,000 lbs. and resales by itself for $110.00. Three polypropylene drip trays have over 50 catches and gutters to keep fluid in separate components, so your garage or shop can stay clean and free from oils and fluids. Its design allows it to fit under machinery and tight spots. Drip trays resale for $99.99. The Dannmar D-7 auto lift and complete kit is priced at $2,745; only $287 more than the Dannmar D-7 4 post car lift and it includes over $750 worth of equipment.


The D-7 Four-Post Lift is one of the most popular in the Dannmar line. The reason is quite simple; it fits perfectly in a home garage or shop. It's typically used for parking or storage because it provides the ability to stack two cars in one spot. This auto lift has also gained a solid reputation with hobbyist and car collectors, as well as the DIY aftermarket. From valet parking to towing, storage and impound yards, to home owners, the D-7 is the premiere four-post lift choice. If you're looking for a four-post lift with the same capacity but a bit wider, check out the D-7/X.


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